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A gift for you!

Subscribe below to download The Holy Infancy, my readings of Charlotte Mason’s Christmas poetry from her book The Saviour of the World.

This album includes all 18 poems from The Holy Infancy (Vol. 1, Book 1), and spans the promises of Christ’s coming to his presentation in the temple.

This was a joyful labour of love and learning! By no means a perfect recording, you may hear the odd sound of children in the background, pages rustling, or the wind whooshing at the windowpane. But poetry is not meant only for ivory towers, but the rough and tumble of ordinary life. May the beauty and truth of these words bring blessing to your heart and home this season.

And a special hello to all my fellow Charlotte Mason mamas!

You can listen to all the poems at once, or spread them out in the days leading up to Christmas, or during the days of Christmas themselves. Use them as part of your own devotions, or as something to enjoy with the whole family.

Happy listening! And a blessed Advent to you.

{After you subscribe, you will receive an email with a zip file. The zip file contains each poem as an mp3, which you can download to any device to listen. If you have any trouble, just send me an email at}


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