It’s been very difficult to write post-concussion. My visual system is one of the main areas that’s been affected. I’ve been keeping a little notebook handy to jot down thoughts when they come. Sometimes the gap between the penciled words and published words is rather long! It’s April 8 as I hit publish, though I am backdating the post itself to March 12 to reflect the timeline of my recovery.


Through the narrow gap in the curtains
I see
A woodpecker excavating
A blue jay observing
A mourning dove resting
A chickadee cracking a seed.

All this through a narrow central field of vision,
my weakest focal point.

And how great a mercy that all have gathered here,
so my weak eyes do not have to wander to find a picture of joy.

Now I can close them
and have the beauty within,
a knowing without seeing.


Lindsey Gallant


Lindsey Gallant
A northern girl living the island life. Follower of Jesus. Writer, book nerd, nature lover. Homeschool mom and Charlotte Mason enthusiast. Prefers pen and paper.

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