Advent 1: Hope Is Enough

Hope says,
It’s ok if you’re tired. If your kitchen is a mess. If you gave all you had and it wasn’t enough. If your plans fell apart. If your kid is having a meltdown. If you’re the one having a meltdown.
Hope asks nothing but a small crack in your heart to be left open, just enough for one candle to peek through.
Hope doesn’t need your best, or your bravest.  Hope shines at rock bottom, and in what’s broken.
Hope is not a general wish for something better. Hope is a candle lit by a promise, held by an everlasting arm. And hope springs eternal because its essence cannot be snuffed by winds of temporality, no matter how they huff.

Hope is a light that illuminates the face of Jesus. And he whispers, “It’s ok. This day, hope is enough.” 

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