afternoon prayer :: recalibrate

It’s midafternoon.

I pause, savour the smell of chicken roasting and the peaceful (for now) sound of children playing imaginary games. There are still crumbs to sweep and bathrooms to clean, and life never really stops. That’s why I need to.

Sometimes prayer is simply standing still. Standing still while the do-lists keep screaming from where they are buried under coffee cups and kids crafts and acknowledging I can’t make it all happen. I can’t control it all.

But the worth of this day doesn’t rest on such things, and my worth is not made by wrestling these 24 hours into a Pinterest-worthy picture.

There’s one image I really need to see when I’m in the thick of it. It’s the one thing that does not move with the ticking of the clock and the checking of the boxes. It is always there, at the center of it all, and I can find it when I simply stand still. No, life never stops, but it actually revolves around Him, and when I am close I can feel it. Gravity.

His gravity gathers me in, along with the fragments of my day. There in the stillness I am renewed. I am re-calibrated.

The day is about to go on, and I with it, but the gravity remains, and it helps me let go of what I can’t control and keeps me from flying off the handle. I remember He makes the day and I will rejoice and be glad in it.


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