A Giveaway! “Preemptive Love” by Jeremy Courtney

A fundraiser for Preemptive Love Coalition!
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So I’ve been following Preemptive Love for a little while now. (In case you haven’t heard, proceeds from my new ebook are going to this awesome bunch of people.) I’ve familiarized myself with much of what they do through their website and blog. But the founder, Jeremy Courtney, has also written a bestselling book of how the organization came to be.

Preemptive Love: Pursuing Peace One Heart at a Time
By Jeremy Courtney
From the back cover:
“From the front line of the struggle for peace, Jeremy writes a firsthand account of lifesaving and peacemaking in the world’s most notorious war-torn country. In the heart of conflict, there is only one kind of love big enough to change a nation: a love that strikes first.”
I must confess, I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m totally engrossed. Drama, terror, hope and love, it’s all there. It’s a story worth reading, and a book worth sharing.
That’s why I’m going to give away one copy of Preemptive Love to one of the blog readers! 
If you win, I will ship the book to you, anywhere in Canada or the US. There are 3 ways to enter. Choose one, or choose them all to up your chances. 🙂 You can enter by:
1. Heading over to The Red Letters Blog on Facebook! While you’re there, why not give us a “Like” or spread the word about the Abraham’s Advent ebook?
2. Tweeting about the giveaway!
3. Leaving a comment on the blog!

The giveaway is now closed.



  1. It is so important to be aware of what is going on in God's world and to see how His hands and feet are working so we can pray and support various works. I would love to read this.
    Just your recommendation is enough.
    PS> I don't tweet but I shared it a couple of times on Facebook 😉

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