Real Life

Don’t be afraid. This is not something other than ordinary life. This is ordinary life as it is meant to be. This is breathing, this is walking with the Spirit. This is living and moving and being in a new way. It is a new way of living in the world – your world.
First, it is seeing your world in a whole new way – through eyes of faith and hope and love; through the eyes of a gracious, glorious Father and a relentlessly redemptive Son and a holy, whole-life-giving Spirit.
Then, it is imagining your world in a whole new way – through seeking the kingdom and righteousness first; through praying “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,” on earth, yes, my little piece of earth.
Finally, it is recreating your world in a whole new way – through the surprising and satisfying partnership of Creator and created; through each step, in step, with Him till you become Him, His nail-pierced feet bringing beautiful news.
Don’t be afraid! This is what you were meant for. This is what your heart longs for when it beats with His. This is your world – your family, your relationships, your home, your community, your career, your life. This is His life breathed into all of that ordinariness, and you, caught up in the current. This is real life. 

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