believe in life

I have a feeling motherhood will produce an ontological change in me.

There are certain things I must believe going into this.

I have to believe in the project of life, in its goodness, its purpose, before I can be entrusted to shape one.
I have to believe that the little acts of love and care matter as much as the grandiose academic and ministerial achievements of my peers.
I have to believe that somehow being part of God’s creative and nurturing process is a worthy calling in and of itself, because God loves to create life, loves to love the ones He creates, longs to embrace them and thereby transform them into loving, creative, joyful, thankful marvelous individuals.
I have to believe that I can either invite or reject God’s kingdom, Christ’s lordship, in my own home and relationships, in the way we raise our children.
I have to believe God loves me as much when I’m changing diapers as when I’m preparing Bible studies, and that diapers are as much his agent of transformation as theological debates.
I have to believe the way we live matters, even when that way seems tedious, or monotonous, or tiring.
I have to believe God is active in the sphere of housework, cooking, playing, talking.
I have to believe he is a present at our table, as at the altar, upon my hearth and in my garden, in observing the days and seasons.
I have to believe life is a gift worth celebrating in small ways through small joys, worth living simply because it is from God, worth living well because it is being renewed in a glorious image.
I have to believe the Spirit speaks and directs me as a mother as much as any minister, that His breath blows in my own backyard.
I have to believe in life.



  1. Not only do you have to believe these things but in the coming days they will become real and true and natural. And you will see more and more how marvelous the Lord is in the day to day beauty of life. Miss you Lindsey!

  2. Hi there,
    you don't know me, I have literally just stumbled across your blog. Nor have I come from a formalised faith-based background. I am a mother of three in Western Australia, and really 'felt' your poem. Yes, being a mother is about learning to take a step back and let others get the accolades and the 'important' jobs. But perhaps simply growing old can also do that. Learning to see the person in the child, and respecting that person is such a great journey. These little people are born already knowing, and already having so much to give. If you listen carefully, they can be fantastic teachers. God Bless You, and thank you for making my day!
    Lisa x

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