a prayer

Our Lord and King,

How are we to live as servants in your kingdom? How can your kingdom come and your will be done in and through us, our marriages, our families, our homes, our church, our province? Give us and your church a vision of how you want us to live, of the alternative reality you can create through us. Give us the wisdom and power through your Spirit to hear and obey your voice. Help us recognize the subhuman patterns we engage in and fight against, patterns that conform to the darkness and keep us from reflecting your image, your purpose, your love. May we not collude with those whose stomachs growl for power through oppression, position through accumulation and recognition through vanity. Make us hungry for the bread of your presence, your word. Fill us with your food so we may feed the needy in your name. Let us not be content with our own spiritual comfort, but shape us in the pattern of giving, the pattern of new birth, the pattern of the cross. May death and resurrection be the motion of our lives as we offer our bodies to you. Show us your way, the way of your Son, and give us strength and courage to follow you.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven



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