Intercessions – October 27, 2010

God of grace and truth,

Draw near to those caught in self-spun webs of deception. In your grace bring them to the end of their lies, cut to the quick with your two-edged sword, rightly divide between light and darkness. Reveal the wages of sin. In your truth look them in the eye and speak reality into their tangled souls, the Word that quickens and restores. Reveal the gift of life. Oh Truth most terribly graceful, reach between the bars and set them free.



  1. Hey Linds,

    Love the blog. Wonder if this prayer would be stronger if it was phrased "us" instead of "them". Just a thought.

  2. I think you have a valid point! Often when I write an "intercession" I'm thinking of a particular person or situation. But I think in intercession grace is also at work to shine the spotlight on those very issues in our own souls.

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