A Quiet Christmas

A Quiet Christmas: Keeping Silence with the Word is your invitation to experience the quiet awe and intimacy of the Incarnation.

My NEW four-week devotional is a reflection on the hymn “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence,” as well as a meditative guide through the Scriptures that reveal the mystery of God’s presence with us in Christ. Each week, a new essay will explore an aspect of our need for sacred silence, while the daily guide will lead you step-by-step in a process of listening to Scripture and keeping a loving silence with the Word Himself.

If you’re longing for some peace in your busy season, this is for you.

This is your chance to come into a hushed and holy place, an opportunity to meditate on the deeper reality that gives birth to the joyous racket of Christmas.

Based on the principles of lectio divina (Latin for “divine reading,” an ancient form of Christian meditation), A Quiet Christmas is a nudge for you keep a few moments of silence with Jesus each day. Find the transforming peace that His presence alone can bring.

The Word still speaks. Make time to listen this Advent.

If you’re having a quiet Christmas this year, and you’re not sure how to fill the silence, this is for you, too.

Perhaps your world has shifted into unexpected silence—without the familiar voice of a loved one for the first time, or without the bubbling, humming comforts of home. Maybe you don’t feel much like singing. But the silence doesn’t have to be empty. Let the Word of Christ fill and grace your quiet moments.

The Word is still with us. Take comfort in His abiding presence.

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I pray this guide will lead you closer to Jesus and the peace he offers. Be blessed to keep a loving silence with the Word this year.