Whisper :: A poem for the Second Sunday of Advent

When I began to think about a small expression of peace for this Second Sunday of Advent, it was a whisper that took form in my mind. To receive a whisper requires both our silence and our stillness. The command is also an invitation: “Peace, be still.” Can we shape ourselves this Advent to be “all ears?”


     to the worried restlessness of not-enough
     to the hurried rushing of not-yet
     to the wound-tight storm and its unalterable course of collision.

Oh listen, soft and low it comes
     — a whisper — 

     It is the lung-warmed vibration 
     of presence near and intimate,
     the sweet everything in the ear.

And when I am sounded in the timeless space between these lips
     I become still, 
                    at peace.


Lindsey Gallant
From Small: An Advent Poetry Sequence
Composed for the caregivers of The Good Samaritan Society (www.gss.org)
Illustration by Elizabeth Evans

Lindsey Gallant
A northern girl living the island life. Follower of Jesus. Writer, book nerd, nature lover. Homeschool mom and Charlotte Mason enthusiast. Prefers pen and paper.

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