The Orbit of Love

~ In memory of my uncle, Ian Raymer, and in honour of the family I’ve been blessed with. 

Love is this magic that orbits us all.

When the ground beneath my feet is shaking, I close my eyes and call out for it. It’s right there, and if I lift up my heart and stand on tiptoe, I enter its orbit.

Here, there are no minutes or miles to separate us.

Here, I see your smile and hear your laugh, and my spirit touches yours.

This is the magic of love. It is the atmosphere of the soul, where nothing is ever diseased, nothing ever dies. It is God’s own breath, and in its ever circling flow we meet, and are held, and live again.

This is the magic of love. It is the bridge between earth and heaven. It is God’s own heart, jumping out of His chest, and making a place in the void that divides us. No more darkness, no more fear.

This is the magic of love. It is our Father’s house, and He has room for us all, so squeeze on over. In this orbit, the journey and the destination come together, and though my path continues a few more steps, I see the home lights burning and hear you cheering me on.

When I stand on tiptoe, I can feel the love, like a river overhead. In the stream I feel the heartbeats of all of us that make up this miracle called family. Maybe this river is made of our tears, and God’s too, but there is healing, and peace, and home here together.

If I could jump up and off this speck of dust, maybe I would, but there’s a gravity that keep me here. For love is made here below, with trembling hands and breaking voices, deeds done in sacrifice, gifts offered in weakness, words spoken in forgiveness. In our flesh and bone and lungs and eyes, love takes form. Love was always meant to be embodied, and this is the greatest magic of all.

Love is given, to be shaped into human form, and there seen at its most perfect.

Is is what has been done down here – the crosses borne, and burdens shared, and bread broken – that fills up the river, that makes it sing, that makes it call, that makes us long, and brings God with us, together.

One day, I will see you with new eyes.

One day, you will wrap your big arms around me with the strength of eternity.

Until then, the orbit of love will hold me, hold all of us.

And when I love, as I am loved, the orbit strengthens, and gives a certain lightness to my step.

One day it will carry me away too.

In the meantime, if you see me walking on tiptoe, you’ll know why.



Lindsey Gallant
A northern girl living the island life. Follower of Jesus. Writer, book nerd, nature lover. Homeschool mom and Charlotte Mason enthusiast. Prefers pen and paper.

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