Faith for ordinary days {& Christmas in May!}


Did you ever get tired of the little things along the way? I mean, you had this grand and glorious promise, but some days must have seemed long. There were mouths to feed and tents to clean and morale to keep. What did you do when the days all ran together like so many dusty camels in a caravan? When the sun beat hot, did you snap at the servants? Did Isaac, named for your laughter, ever drive you to tears?

God’s promise was big, but what about the little things? The little sorrows and frustrations and the mundane weariness of life in camp? The swarming flies and stinking feet? Did God whisper into those moments too?

You had a smoking firepot and a sky alive with light and a what-the-blazes angel. But what happened in between? Did the glory of the celestial city filter into the foreign country? By faith you made a home in the promised land, but even then you felt like a stranger.

How did you do it, day after day? How did you keep faith on ordinary days? How did you keep faith when all the little irritations of life conspired to steal your joy? How did you keep faith when nothing around you seemed to reflect the promise?

Abraham, show me the way . . .


{To listen in on other conversations with the patriarch, go here.}


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