The kiss of God

“You’ve come and burned me with a kiss.”

What is the kiss of God if not a burning coal from his mouth? A live coal from the altar, the temple of His body. As love begins with a kiss, our union with God begins with this encounter. A being of unclean lips trembles before the Consuming Fire, and if we draw near, dare to do so, in desperate desire to touch Him or die, touch Him and die if necessary, then He does not spit us out of of His mouth but draws near with this burning kiss. It’s a kiss of death to sin and its icy hold, to all the lies we’ve ever told, the kiss that purifies, unlocks our lips to sing “Holy, holy, holy” and ignites the soul blaze of true love. There can be no intimacy without it, for this is what brands us as His own.

“And my heart burns for You. . . “

*Psalm 18:8, Isaiah 6:1-7
lyrics ~ “Obsession” by Delirious 


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