Single-handed Theology: Learning to Love

She carries her Baby around wherever she goes. Now that there is a real baby in the house, Arden is all the more interested in taking care of her own. She changes her diaper. She wraps her up in a blanket. She looks for owies and bugbites and kisses them better. She feeds her, and then burps her. When it’s naptime, she wants Baby tucked under the covers. When we pray before bed, she wants me to hold Baby’s hand too. It’s so sweet, this learning to love.
Sometimes she gets overwhelmed by all that baby needs. The velcro diaper tabs don’t always stick right. The blanket doesn’t wrap around just so. Baby falls out of bed. And she’s worried about that same owie on Baby’s head that never goes away. When it’s all too much, there are tears, and sometimes poor Baby gets tossed to the floor in frustration. It’s so hard, this learning to love.
She learns from me. All she knows about taking care of Baby is copied from what I do. (Except throwing Baby on the floor!) And when she needs help, she comes to me – for assistance, for reassurance, for that extra kiss to make things all better. Gently, I show her the way. There are times I just smile wide because the love seems to come so naturally to her. There are times I’m a tad concerned, like when swaddling turns into smothering, but I know she’ll soon get the hang of it.
I look at her looking at me, a mommy mirror. I pray I am a good example.
I look at her looking at me, and I see myself again in her. I am the one learning. I am new at this too.
I pray for clear eyes to see my Father’s heart and His way with me.
I pray for ears to hear my Father’s voice and heed His wisdom.
I pray for the grace to love well.
My little girl, we will learn to love together. 

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