Letters to Arden – May 31, 2010


You are here! Not the way I expected, but safely, soundly here. Becoming a mother has been baptism by tears. I cried when they told me I wouldn’t be awake when you were born. I cried when I first saw your face cradled in daddy’s arms. I cried through countless feedings, knowing my pain would keep you growing. I cried rocking you to sleep, because you were too beautiful for words.
And now you are starting to smile! It’s a dopey smile of content mostly, right after a feeding, and in those warm moments when you are beginning to wake and haven’t realized how hungry you are yet. In your smile I see glimpses of your personality, little peeks of what is to come.
And so I smile for you every day. I try to smile even when I’m in pain, when I’m tired, when I’m overwhelmed by all that is new, all that is you. I want you to see love in my face. I want you to know how happy I am that you are here.

~ lg


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