Spirit poem

I know you breathe even now, all around me, in me, and through this thing we scientifically call aerobic respiration. You are the Lord and Giver of Life, my life, our life on this green and blue globe. I breathe, and I know you are here.

Spirit of God.
You are God’s own breath, the Lion’s warmth on my cheek. You give new life, breathing into existence a realm where I live in Christ, breathing a space where Christ lives in me. Are you in my veins and arteries? You cannot be limited there, but you must be there too if you are here at all. I have a new pulse, and I know you are here.

Creator Spirit.
Your invisible colours are weaving a tapestry outside the window. You prick me with your needle so I may be a thread in your fluid hands. You are making all things beautiful, even bloodstains. You whisper in my imagination, in my garden, in my bread as it rises. I am woven through your imagination till I see the colours you create. I think, and I know you are here.

Holy Spirit.
You sanctify the ordinary. I live and move and have my being, I love and laugh and cry, I work and eat and sleep, and it all matters. You are the bond that ties it all up into God’s life, into God’s love. I am woven into a divine mystery. You breathe, and I know you are here.


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