pelican protection

Pelicans do a curious thing in storms. When the winds blow strong, bringing waves of rain against them, they don’t run away. They stand together and turn and face the wind. With their long beaks pointing toward the direction of the assault, they plant their wide orange feet on the beach and look straight into the storm. They do this so that the wind will not take them off guard from behind, lifting their wings and exposing them to the cold rain or knocking them off balance. They are safer this way, facing it. They see it, know it, and protect each other till it is over. They close themselves in with long white wings, feather armor sealing strong bodies that will fly again when the sun comes out.


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  1. A few weeks ago, on a day that my own inner sources of strength needed renewal, my daughter sent me a link to your pelican protection blog. She sent it knowing that even a glimpse of pelicans soaring and diving brings me joy. And so, finding your beautiful description of how pelicans gather together to face rough seas restored my sense of balance. I find myself coming back to your post and rereading it and it has an amazing and calming effect. So, thank you for the gift of being willing to make your blog open to all. Your thoughtful entries are appreciated and enjoyed.

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