The birds have secrets.

The ravens know where there is a cupboard in the sky, full of food for frightened prophets.
The doves know when the flood will end, and when it is safe to venture down the mountain into the unknown.
The crows know how long it takes a mustard seed to grow, and when we will all find nests in the top of the great tree of the kingdom of God.
The sparrows know where the Father’s eye is, and have learned not to worry about tomorrow.
The eagle knows when to shelter the young and when to ruffle them off the edge to try their sticky feathers.
The eagle also knows how to wait on the wind till its wings rise up and away from weariness.
The dove knows the path of descent into water and fire, moved by the breath of heaven.
The hermit thrush sings evening prayer and the tundra swans lift the song north to a glassy sea.
The birds have secrets. 


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